Cora Bissett and Stef Smith’s critically acclaimed work, Roadkill, exposes the hidden world of sex-trafficking by putting the audience at the center of a story based on a real-life encounter with a young woman from Nigeria who has been trafficked to Scotland. In 2013, the British Council brought Roadkill to St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in Chicago, and in each city, they held events to raise public awareness of the realities of sex-trafficking. Splice Design Group designed and produced an e-book anthology of essays, poetry and photography, Critical Mass: A Collection of Voices Confronting Sex Trafficking, which shares personal stories of trafficking victims and catalogues the efforts of advocacy groups to end human trafficking. The e-book is available in several different formats, including pdf, Kindle and through the iTunes store.


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Art Director, Designer: Ken Karlic